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The Italtherm Company Today

Italtherm is a brand new company. Featuring dynamicity, flexibility and innovation, Italtherm takes part in the HTG and air conditioning field both for individual and centralized CH systems. Italtherm runs its products from the R&D to the sale both on the Italian and export market.

Italtherm, thanks to its strong know-how and thanks to its people long term experience in this field, can meet everybody needs.

Italtherm core philosophy is made by a strong and worthily working team whose focus is both aimed to innovation technology and to tighten strong partnership. In order to all together make a new company philosophy based on human approach as we belive that people are the company core.

The Italtherm Company Tomorrow

"We do not inherit the Earth from our fathers.
We borrow it from our sons."

(African saying quoted by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry).

Italtherm, in terms of environmental friendly company, is attending new challenges which will launch us to prove our worth over the years.

We believe that we have to achieve and grant everybody welfare without affecting new generation future nor the environment one, even if people  time to time are used to forgetting  we are part of.

Due to that, Italtherm aims to develop a full range products capable to optimise and put together all those renewable energies like solar and geothermal ones with traditional fonts like gas. Everything is thought to offer high efficiency products with easy application and with the capability to comply to whatever system needs.


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