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Time KR is the new Italtherm condensing boiler for CH and DHW production by external storage.

Time KR can be easily equipped with a DHW remote tank, thanks to fast fittings which allow a fast connection of the tank and the electrical connections. The DHW tank probe, ( thanks to the possibility of choosing the desired setting), can be set for managing the DHW temperature either in ON-OFF or in a modulation way. Moreover, advanced settings of DHW program are available to tailor the DHW functioning according to each end user needs.

Moreover, it is possible to install a solar PCB (accessory) to manage a DHW solar system with remote tank.


  • Compact dimensions
  • DHW tank hourly setting thanks to an exclusive function
  • Easy access to the equipped inlet DHW filter
  • Modulation range (1:10)
  • Modulating boiler’s pump (ERP ready)
  • Electrical three-way valve, in the boiler
  • By-pass included in with possibility to adjust and exclude that
  • It can be installed indoor, or outdoor in a partially protected place (temperature 0...60°C)
  • Double indication of the CH system pressure (analogical and on the display)

  • Solar system management thanks to the optional solar PCB
  • Automatic filling in water system
  • Easy boiler maintenance
  • It can manage multi-zone CH system
  • Possibility to manage weekly traditional room thermostat, wireless room thermostat and GSM
  • Predisposed to be managed by the optional remote control
  • Predisposed to be connected to the outdoor temperature sensor
  • IP X5D electrical protection
  • Multi-function, backlighted LCD Display
  • Friendly user keyboard with all boiler information on the display
  • Hydraulic group made completely of brass
  • “Holidays function” built in

  • Versions
  • Main accessories
  • Downloads
Model Code W x H x D (mm)
Weight (kg)
Qn/Qmin (kW)
Time 18 KR 301001110 NG (2) 450 x 837 x 382 38.0
17.8 / 1.7
Time 27 KR 301001112 NG
301003113 G31 (1)
450 x 837 x 382 39.5 26.0 / 2.6
Time 35 KR 301001114 NG
301003115 G31 (1)
450 x 837 x 382 41.5 33.0 / 3.4

(1) The LPG gas supply is possibie only with Commercial Propane G31 (without any Butane G30 content)

(2) The model 18 KR can be supplied with Natural Gas (G20) only

Description Code Notes
Hydraulic fitting kit 401010016 Not required when the Solar Kit
with fittings is installed
Boiler frame (made of steel) 401020010 --
Remote control 401080001 --
Digital weekly remote thermostat 401080002 Wired version (traditional)
401080004 Wired version, GSM-controlled
401080005 Wireless version
CH multi zones interface PCB 401110001 Required only if the
Remote Control is installed
Outdoor temperature sensor 401060001 --
Solar system controller PCB
401140006 --
High temperature + low temperature CH systems kit 401110001 --
Temperature sensor kit for storage unit 401139002 --
Storage unit -- Contact us

Please refer to the Accessories section for flue components, the full accessories catalog and relevant details.

Download the PDF in English Product brochure

Download the PDF in English Instruction manual

Download PDF Certification

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