Made in italy

Made in Emilia Romagna

The company is located in Piacenza,
Emilia Romagna region.
Manufacturing sector is the region’s key strength. Innovation and entrepreneurship spirit are the strong drivers of the region’s prosperity, with roots in its 2000 years long history.


ITALTHERM cares about its product aesthetics. Since 2017 we have been cooperating with the worldwide famous designer Giorgetto Giugiaro, founder of Italdesign Company and creator of the aesthetics of the new Italthem "City" range boilers.

100% tested and verified products

All Italtherm products, before being placed on the market, must pass a series of tests and checks. These tests are carried out on 100% of the production, so as to guarantee maximum reliability and quality.

Quality components

Only the best components are used to manufacture Italtherm gas boilers. In order to ensure the maximum quality and reliability, we have not only established a long term relationship with a selected number of Italian and European suppliers but we keep on using made to last and resistant materials, such us brass on hydraulic groups and stainless steel on heat exchangers.

Important industrial districts

  • Automotive and Motorcycle
  • Agrifood
  • Ceramics
  • Machine tools
  • Packaging
  • Health, Wellbeing e Biomedical
  • Agricultural Machinery
  • Woodworking Machinery
  • Nautical

Food Valley

Our region, Emilia Romagna, is also known as Food Valley, a garden of delights, a crossroads of memories, tastes and know-how.
The main production of the finest and most famous Italian food products, like Parmigiano Reggiano cheese, typical cured meats and pasta are concentrated In the provinces of Parma, Piacenza, Reggio Emilia and Modena, thanks to the combination of soil fertility, ancient traditions and local entrepreneurship.

Motor Valley

We are in the Motor Valley, the land where passion comes alive. The place where some of the world’s leading automotive and motorcycle brands were born and continue to build the legend of speed.
Racing is in the DNA of this area. A sporting passion born and developed in the most important racetracks in the world.

Motor Valley & Italtherm

Dynamic enterprise culture in the manufacturing sector, very competitive at international level.

The interchange of skills between the Automotive and HVAC sectors is constantly increasing thanks to the transfer of manpower, technology and design between the two sectors.

A few kilometers far from Italtherm facilities, cars are designed and manufactured for F1 teams (Haas) as well as for all the Formula INDY and Formula E teams. Additionally there are collaborations with prestigious brands such as Alfa-Romeo, Maserati and Honda.