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Information notice on privacy and on the use of cookies
(pursuant to article 13 of (It.) Legislative Decree of 30 June 2003 no. 196)

This "full information notice" has been prepared and customised specifically for this site based on the provisions of the Decree of 8 May 2014 issued by the Italian Data Protection Authority. It supplements and updates other information notices already present on the site and/or issued by the company before, in combination with which it provides all the elements required by the art. 13 of (It.) Legislative Decree 196/2003 and subsequent Decrees of the Italian Data Protection Authority.

Important warning
We inform all third parties that the use of this information notice, or even just some parts thereof, on other websites, in relation to which it would certainly be irrelevant and/or incorrect and/or inconsistent, can lead to the imposition of heavy sanctions by the Italian Data Protection Authority.

Subject of the information notice
In these web pages, our company uses technologies that make use of so-called "cookies" and this information notice is intended to explain to the user their methods of use in a clear and precise manner. This document voids and completely replaces all previous information notices issued by the company regarding cookies, which are therefore to be considered completely obsolete.

What are cookies
Cookies are text strings (small files) which the sites visited by a user send to their terminal (PC, tablet, smart phone, etc.), where they are stored before being transmitted back to the same sites that sent them, during the user’s next visit.

Types of cookies and related purposes
The following types of cookies are used on this website:

  • Technical cookies: they allow the user optimal and fast website browsing and the efficient use of the services and/or the various options that it offers, allowing for example the user to make purchases or to authenticate themselves for access to restricted areas. These cookies are required to improve website usability, but they can be disabled.
  • Third-party cookies: they are cookies installed on the user's terminal by third-party website operators, through this site. Third-party cookies, mainly used for analysis purposes, derive mostly from Google Analytics functions. For more information on Google Analytics, click on the following link:
To disable cookies and to prevent Google Analytics from collecting navigation data, you can download the browser add-on for disabling Google Analytics by clicking on the following link:

Browser settings
In addition, we would like to inform you that the user can freely and at any time configure the privacy parameters in relation to the installation and use of cookies, directly through the navigation program (browser) following the related instructions.
In particular, the user can set the so-called "private browsing": through this option the navigation program interrupts the saving of the history of the sites visited, any passwords entered, cookies and other information on the pages visited.
Please note that, should the user decide to disable all cookies (even those of a technical nature), the quality and speed of the services offered by this website could be reduced drastically and access to certain sections of the site may be lost.

How to change browser preferences
To block or limit the use of cookies, either by this site or by other websites, directly through your browser, you can follow the simple instructions below referring to the most common browsers:

Other browsers: search the main menu for the "privacy" settings and then follow the instructions for blocking all cookies or part thereof.

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