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Coiler city top modulation range higher than 1:20

Modulation range higher than 1:20

Italtherm is the first company that has developed a 35 kW condensing boiler with a modulation range higher than 1:20, able to adapt to the actual heat requirement of the plant.

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Boiler city top ICS


Italtherm condensing boilers are equipped with ICS - Intelligent Combustion System - a technology that makes the boilers smart, able to control, regulate and adapt independently. The ICS system allows the boiler to work with all types of gas: it checks combustion values ​​and regulates gas flow so as to always have the correct air / gas ratio.

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Remote control APP

Remote control APP

Italtherm gas boilers can be controlled remotely by app.
This allows users to act in real time on the system: they can turn the appliances on or off, modify home temperatures and verify the correct functioning of the entire system.


Remote management system

Remote management system

Italtherm has developed a complete web-based remote control for high power boilers, allowing the plant remote management in a simple and effective way.
Ideal for the manintenance technicians who needs a tool to monitor and modify the installation remotely, offering the customer an advanced aftersale service.

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