Multifunction control system

Each boiler in the Italtherm Power Solutions range is equipped with advanced electronics, rich in functions for optimizing performance and for complete integration within a heating system: more than 40 configurable parameters available for optimizing the boiler at each plant!

Data control and operation

  • Info menu for displaying temperatures, pressure and active requests
  • Error history menu with dynamic log of the conditions at the time of the anomaly
  • Self-diagnosis system and anomaly signaling on the display
  • Scheduled maintenance function and maintenance warning signal

DHW functions

  • DHW tank management via sanitary probe or thermostat contact
  • Hourly programming of the boiler with 2 different temperature sets
  • Anti-legionella programmable and adaptable to the system
  • SPA function that temporarily increases the sanitary performance to the maximum performance of the boiler

Heating zone management

  • Dynamic management 2 flow temperatures
  • Predisposition for connection to external probe and / or zone systems
  • System water pressure transducer (low heating pressure) with signaling reporting on display
  • Management with optional interface with 0-10V signal in power or temperature

Other special features

  • Advanced antifreeze function, even in the absence of gas with activation of the circulator
  • Booster function, useful for forcing the delivery t ° to get the system up and running
  • Holiday function which deactivates the boiler for the set holiday duration period